Welcome to SLS Pitch Day

SLS Pitch Day is a platform for interested participants to propose products and services that would be useful for teaching and learning and have potential for integration with SLS.

It allows an opportunity to connect, discuss and share with MOE divisions on products that may meet their needs.

Shortlisted proposals will be presented by submitting teams to a panel comprising members of MOE's senior management.


Describe your proposed product or service and how it would enhance one or more of the following Focus Tracks:

  1. Features

  2. Resources

From your selected Track(s), elaborate based on one or more of the following Focus Areas:

  1. Features

    • Learning management. How would your product or service:

      • enhance the way teachers deliver Teaching and Learning through SLS?

      • empower students to learn on their own through self-study?

      • help students to keep track and make sense of their learning progress?

    • Data Analytics. How would your product or service:

      • improve the quality of insights that we can get from the data in SLS?

      • make it easier to present data and insights in a meaningful way?

      • help to find and organise relevant data for a particular educational need?

    • User Experience and Interactions. How would your product or service:

      • improve the communication experience (announcements, notifications, etc.) within SLS?

      • make it easier for users to access or use features and apps in SLS?

      • increase accessibility for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

  2. Resources

    • Curriculum Resources. How would your product or service enhance the quality and range of resources available to support:

      • the teaching and learning of subjects, both examinable and non-examinable?

      • the delivery of curriculum beyond the classroom to develop students' cognitive, affective, physical, and aesthetic abilities?

      • extensions to areas of study not covered above as part of Student-Initiated Learning (SIL)?


Participants will submit proposals according to the focus tracks and areas specified in the task brief.

All proposals will be reviewed by representatives from various MOE divisions and the shortlisted teams will present their proposal to a panel of senior management.

The product pitch will be in the form of a live pitch (and/or a demo) to be made within 20 minutes, inclusive of set-up and Q&A.

Selected proposals will be followed up on for further exploration by MOE.

You can refer to more information here.

Rules and Regulations

Participants must submit their proposals using the provided template.

A guide to the scoring system used will be provided (refer to information pack for more details).

Proposals must be submitted on time. Late submissions will be asked to participate in the next Pitch Day instead.

The judges' decision is final. No appeals will be entertained.

After the Pitch

If your proposal has been selected for further exploration, a team from MOE will contact you.

Regardless of selection outcome, all proposals will be featured on our Pitch Day Showcase webpage after the SLS Pitch Day.

Event Schedule

SLS Pitch Day Event Schedule

Date Event Notes
9 May Start of Registration Register here.
27 May Familiarisation Session (Online) More details here.
9 July End of Registration -
20 Jun to 5 Aug 1-1 Consultations Write to SLS_Partnerships@moe.gov.sg
19 Aug Submission deadline Submission link will be sent via email
End-Aug Announcement of Shortlist -
22 Sept Pitch Day

Do note the change in event date to 22 Sept

Pitch by selected proposals

In-person at MOE HQ and via videoconferencing for participants who are unable to be physically present.